"The Flooring Removal Professionals"
We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialties
We Specialize In:

 Asbestos Floor Tile Removal
 Asbestos Mastic Removal
 Carpet Removal
 Interior Demolition
 Auditorium Seating Removal
 Locker Removal
 Mold & Mildew Removal
 13yd & 15yd Dumpster Rental

 Save up to 50% in removal costs
 Meets E.P.A, O.S.H.A and State
 No full Asbestos Abatement
 No Air Monitoring
 Reduce Liability
 Floor Tile is Removed intact
 Safest Removal Process
 Quickest Project Duration
Businesses Using Non-Friable Heat Removal Procedures:

 Public Schools
 Property Managers
 Government Agencies
 Flooring Retailers
 Commercial Propertys
 Real Estate Companies
 Insurance Companies
National Flooring Removal
PO Box 58, Augusta, NJ 07822
Phone: 973-383-6132
Fax: 973-383-3502
E-Mail: rmhaas@optonline.net
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