Wait, Is that Mold Growing On My Walls?

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Mold is possibly one of the worst things that can build up in your home. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of and it’s usually an indication that something more serious is going on such as a leak. On top of that, if someone living in the home has a severe allergy to mold until it’s taken care of they’re going to be miserable. Recognizing the signs of mold growing on your walls is key to getting rid of it as fast as possible. Here are five ways to see if mold is becoming an issue in your home.

  • The Odd Smell: Mold has a distinct smell, but it might be hard to pinpoint if you’ve never smelt it before. It can grow anywhere there is excess moisture, but the smell can change slightly inside to outside. When you smell it outside, it’s almost a stale smell. Inside, however, it smells damp and musty because it’s a smaller area. It could also smell a little earthy too. Don’t try to mask it with an air freshener, either. You’ll only give it more time to spread.
  • Visible Signs: The easiest sign of mold is visibly being able to see it. The issue is determining how much. You still need to make sure nothing is hidden in the walls.
Wait, Is that Mold Growing On My Walls? 1
  • Leaks: A leak that has gone unnoticed for a period of time is a breeding ground for mold. It could be a pipe, water coming in through the roof, and other issues. If you catch the leak fast enough, you might be able to avoid it, but unfortunately, they often go hand in hand.
  • Intrusions: Similar to leaks, intrusions are a perfect opportunity for mold. They usually occur from a sewer line backing up, a pipe bursting, or even flooding. Any signs of stagnant moisture can produce mold spores.
  • Health Issues: Apart from allergies, mold can present other serious health issues if it’s not taken care of quickly. If the mold is more hidden or inside the walls, it could still be affecting the household. Some signs that might appear would be respiratory issues, skin inflammation, tiredness, nausea, and more.
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