About National Flooring Removal LLC

Who We Are

National Flooring Removal brings a unique approach to Asbestos Flooring Removal, founder Bob Haas assisted developing Infrared Heat machines to remove asbestos flooring without the use of full containment enclosures by keeping the floor tile intact and pliable when removing it so there is no exposure and no asbestos particles in the air during removal.
National Flooring Removal has performed removal projects for over 250 School Districts, Colleges, Commercial Properties and Homeowners throughout New Jersey and the East Coast.
Our goal is to help you through the removal process from start to finish by emitting all the required documents to the State, Federal and Government agencies then performing the removal process to the closing Manifest for Proper Disposal.
So look for our certified and trained team to bring you the best Removal Services with your Asbestos Floor Tile, Mold Remediation and Interior Demolition Removal projects.
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